the dogs

110 Hanover Street
Edinburgh EH2 1DR

0131 220 1208

Open seven days a week

Welcome to 'the dogs'

'the dogs', hmm, how to introduce you this exciting new venue? Well maybe some recent history would help.

Three years ago, 'the dogs' founder, David Ramsden, after ten years running '(fitz)Henry' then 'rogue' began looking for a gap in the Edinburgh dining scene. What he found was a dearth of great value, easy access type venues. Then, having watched the rise and rise of the 'gastropub' in England, and the increasing interest in British ingredients and dishes, spearheaded by the likes of Mark Hix, Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall, and Skye Gyngell, the mists cleared.

David immediately began seeking a site in which to install an eaterie that would accomodate such a 'place'.

After many attempts, the site on Hanover St. was finally confirmed at the start of this year. A fantastic location, made possible by the support and encouragement of the landlord, K. Waugh Senior. An added interesting fact is that the same site used to be occupied by 'The Edinburgh Wine Bar', spooky.

The menu will be championing Scottish and British ingredients, in dishes that will comfort and excite. Seafood will be sourced from Fife and Caithness, and will all be sustainable; very important these days.

Wines on the list are interesting and affordable, with some still and sparkling from English vineyards.

So, 'the dogs' is to be a place for everyone who wishes to partake of great value food and wine, in a chilled environment with no frills or fuss, great kids to help, and a pretty eclectic soundtrack.

See you there I hope.